Rosa Pepe


Arezzo, an ancient Roman garrison with a strategic importance, still keeps traces of its past glories under which an archaic civilization hides, the Etruscans: people of admirable engineers and elegant craftsmen, whose skill is testified from the finding of extraordinary manufacture jewels, up to Asia.
Arezzo’s Territory’s central position has done of it the cradle of this old civilization, that has given birth to the traditional process of precious metals’ manufacture, such as Gold, Silver, Bronze, Brass.

Our reality, developed through ROSA PEPE’S brand, has asserted on this framework and it is the perfect synthesis between artisan tradition, fashion, design and technologic innovation, all elements that give to the collections a strong added value. Indeed our creations’ strength is based on exclusivity and sophistication, characteristics that comes from a careful selection of very good new materials and from the constant research of the latest proposal of fashion’s world.

Thanks to a leadership that is very careful to current trends and to the dimensions and flexibility that we are characterized by, we represent the important creation of fashion and glamorous items Made In Italy.